For awhile I've realized that I don't make very many toys and accessories geared towards boys, and since I want all kids to enjoy my crochet I'm dedicating my summer to boosting up my guy-crochet inventory with some new dudes and guy-friendly accessories, using the bits and pieces of feedback and ideas I've gotten from boys.
   Even after the summer has passed I'm planning to incorporate more things for guys in my collection of products, because I want to have an equal balance of products for girls and guys. So I hope all you guys out there enjoy them as I post them here on the Marie*z website (Dude's Section), and please be sure to give me your honest feedback!
   Also I have tons and tons of designs in the works to post here on the Marie*z blogsite for new critters, dolls, accessories, handbags, hats and some new categories I'm working on. I also have several new mini collections that I'm super excited for you to see! Because I've holding them for awhile because I thought they needed a bit more development and wanted to add more pieces to the sets. But it's been long enough, so you'll be seeing them very soon, probably starting at the end of summer, so stay tuned for both that and the new toys and accessories for guys! 
        <3 Maya Marie